Restorations and Tooth Repairs

Tooth Repairs and Solutions

Two of the main reasons your teeth may need to be restored are due to breakage or decay.

A woman getting tooth repairs

A woman getting tooth repairs

Decay happens when your one or more of your teeth rots or decomposes due to bacteria or fungi. The only way the diseased portion of your tooth can be fixed is by having the entire decayed portion of the tooth removed and replaced. Most commonly, the decayed tooth is replaced with tooth coloured material specifically designed to act and feel as close to a your natural tooth as possible.

Decay occurs when the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) becomes damaged by acid and becomes soft allowing bacteria inside the tooth and then multiply and rot.

If the decaying tooth is not properly treated the bacteria will reach the nerve and cause extreme pain.

Tooth Breakage

Tooth Breakage

When a tooth is broken and the softer inner layer of the tooth exposed, it is very important to treat the tooth quickly to stop the tooth being decayed by the bacteria it is exposed to.

The best way to treat this is by repairing the tooth restoring it back to its original structure. The process is very intricate and relies on the dentist being able to restore the tooth to within fractions of a millimeter.

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