Amalgam Replacement

At Beenleigh Dental we aim to ensure health on the inside and beautiful teeth on the outside!

If amalgam fillings are giving you discomfort or you are just worried about the unsightly dark spots covering your teeth, talk to us about a replacement.

The latest solution – Tooth coloured fillings…

Dark fillings are outdated so we provide the solution of white tooth coloured fillings that match closely to the natural tooth. Most tooth coloured fillings are made from a durable composite resin that can be replaced in one short visit. Resin is much safer and more durable fill compared to outdated amalgam fillings. They also allow our dentists to be more conservative with cavity preparations.

Composite restorations are bonded into the tooth and each layer is hardened by using a special light. This treatment actually strengthens the surrounding tooth structure.

To learn more about replacing old amalgam fillings with tooth coloured Resin contact us online or call us on (07) 3287 5390 to make your appointment!

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