Dental Veneers

We believe that your smile can affect your entire overall confidence

At Beenleigh Dental, we understand that you can have perfectly healthy teeth and gums but the shape or angle of your teeth may not be what you like or want. This is where you can thank Californian dentist Dr Charles Pincus, who in 1928 invented veneers. They were invented for the purpose of changing an actors teeth for the recording of a film (‘Hollywood smile’ is really a thing) from here, veneers have progressed…A LOT!

Veneers are now a widely used means to build up, reshape and even lighten a tooth’s natural appearance all with minimal interference with the tooth’s original structure. Well shaped veneers are an art form and use precise measurements to create a beautiful smile that can address your concerns with your teeth and also compliment your existing facial structure. Our highly skilled dental artists have a combined total of over 60 years’ experience in perfecting veneers.

Benefits of Veneers

Preserves natural tooth shape and structure Resistant to chipping Colour matched to original teeth Natural looking smile

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