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Children’s Dentistry

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Under 5 years

Understanding the needs of children under 5 years can be difficult sometimes, but we can give you some comfort by helping you to understand the natural process of teeth from before your little loved one is even born.

Tooth buds for baby teeth start developing by the sixth week after conception. By the time you are twenty weeks pregnant, the tooth buds of permanent teeth start to develop.

At approximately 6months after your baby is born, their first teeth will begin to break through the gums surface, this is the time to introduce tooth brushing. Using a tooth brush or a wet face washer gently massage your bubs teeth and gums.

This picture shows the approximate age and order of tooth eruption for baby teeth. All children are different and develop at different rates therefore this is a guide only. If delays greater than 6months occur, it is advised that you bring your little one in for a check up.

6 -12 years

6-12 years

Let the fun begin…

Children in this age group tend to be a little more independent, they will believe that they don’t need mum or dad to help them…but they do!

This can be a very exciting time for young children, 6 is the magic age when adult teeth start to break the gums surface and push baby teeth out that are in the way. Get used to hearing ‘mum I have a wobbly tooth’.

The chart below shows the approximate ages for when to expect adult teeth to come through.

13 – 17 years

13- 17 years

Now they know…

So, you’ve invested your time in teaching your children how to care correctly for their teeth and gums but now we welcome you to the other side of dentistry for children…getting them to continue the effort you have put in.

We find that once your young adult hit this age they will know EVERYTHING and must have everything NOW!!! A 6 monthly dental appointment will be essential from now on. We can continue to guide your child and remind them of proper cleaning techniques (always better when it comes from a health professional) and also help when it comes to making their teeth as beautiful and straight as possible, after all this is what almost every teenager wants most…aside from tickets to their favourite bands concert. If you are looking for braces for your child, we quite often refer in-house to our resident dentist who is excellent at straightening teeth. He explains each step of the orthodontic process clearly to both the parents and the child.

It can be a long road with tweenagers but hang in there and remember we are here to help along the way.

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