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    What does General Dentistry involve?

    General Dentistry involves basic care and check-up of the teeth; it may involve cleaning and providing treatments on the teeth. Regular check-ups ensure future dental health and if find malocclusions early, we can seal teeth rather than fill them.

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    What cosmetic procedures do you provide?

    We provide whitening on the teeth, Invisalign braces to correct misalignments, replace unsightly amalgam fillings and for an extra bit of bling, we can provide twinkles (tooth jewellery) for your teeth.

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    How can I make my teeth whiter?

    You can brighten the shade of your teeth with a tooth whitening procedure that involves bleaching the surface of the tooth. Whitening procedures in the chair are quick and non-invasive so you can enjoy the confidence of bright teeth without any sensitivity.

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    I want braces but I am worried about having a ‘metal mouth’...

    No longer do you have to wear metal braces to correct misaligned teeth. If you have mild to moderate orthodontic requirements, Invisalign can help correct your smile with use of a clear mould to shift the teeth.

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    I am embarrassed about my silver fillings what can I do?

    We can help you by restoring your unsightly silver fillings with white restorations. Most tooth coloured fillings are made from a durable Composite resin that can be replaced in one short visit. Today Resin fillings are more durable then outdated amalgam fillings.

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    What is twinkles teeth jewellery?

    Twinkles teeth jewellery are gems that cover ¼ of one of your tooths surface. Generally worn on the front teeth, the silver or gold jewels can be embossed with coloured gems and are safely bonded to the tooth with braces glue. They can be removed at any time.

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    What do implants do?

    Implants can provide you with a next-to-natural tooth when you have suffered from tooth loss. They are the strongest alternative as they are implanted in the jaw by a durable titanium rod to ensure gum and bone density. Implants not only ensure the confidence of a natural strong tooth, but also ensure the stability of the surrounding teeth.

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    Why would I need a crown or bridge?

    Crowns or bridges may be required when a tooth is too damaged to be filled. A Crown or Bridge will be moulded from the remaining tooth and be fitted to restore the tooths appearance. A Crown will generally take 2-3 appointments to fix. A Bridge is fixed to other crowns on either side and fitted over the area that is vacant from tooth loss.

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    I have a chipped, discoloured tooth how can I fix this?

    Veneers can be a suitable option for this concern as they fit over the surface of the natural tooth. Veneers are a porcelain shell that will cover any discolouration or chips on the surface on the tooth and are shaped to its natural structure. They are a durable option and are resistant to chipping.

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    I have pain when I eat and swelling on my face what is this?

    If you are experiencing these symptoms you may require emergency root canal treatment. The pain and swelling may be due to infected tooth pulp (inside of the tooth) which is affecting the nerves and blood vessels. If so you may need treatment to remove the infection, clean the area and then seal the tooth.

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    My partner told me I grind at night, what can I do?

    Teeth grinding can affect the enamel of your teeth and cause headaches. If you grind we can provide you with NTI night splints. These splints limit the back teeth from making contact with the front teeth to reduce teeth girding. Night Splints are a low-cost alternative to other night guards and can be fitted in one appointment.

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    What is Teen Dental?

    Teen Dental is a service provided by the Government so families with low income can still ensure the health of their children’s teeth. The Government will provide dental benefits for eligible families to receive a preventative dental check from a dentist who is registered with Medicare Australia. Teenagers between 12 and 17 are eligible however must meet a means test to receive the complimentary check up. To learn more about Teen Dental see the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing website or contact us at the practice today.

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    What does Veterans Dental involve?

    Veterans Dental is a Government service to improve the wellbeing for veterans and chronically ill Gold Card Holders. The program will reimburse General Practioners and health care providers to coordinate care for Gold Card holders who have any oral health concerns. To learn more about the Veterans Dental program visit the Department of Veterans' Affairs website or contact us at Beenleigh Dental today.

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    What Preventative care do you provide?

    We provide educational treatment with the latest technologies for our patients. Our Hygienist can educate you in the prevention of any dental problems and teach you correct cleaning methods. We use an oral camera pictures and discuss them with our patients, so they understand exactly were any problems are occurring.

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